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Saint and Sinner

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As I studied the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, tracing their light-information-energies to Shekinah, it was interesting for me to learn that Shekinah consciously, deliberately and purposefully split into 2 light rays: The Immaculate and The Sinner.

The Immaculate is Shekinah in her purity--an ideal of Oneness with God, yet too distant for mortals to relate to, much less attain.

The Sinner is also Shekinah, who consorted with the devil and used Lucifer to lead her back to God/Herself--a woman closer to mortals, relatable and attainable, salvageable through the path of humble devotion and unconditional love.

It is mind-blowing when you note that The Immaculate and The Sinner are one and the same deity.

The Immaculate represents the WHAT. The Sinner represents the HOW.

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