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Failure is a Trampoline

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

You live in a world where failure is a stigma. I live in a different world.

I did achieve a state of perfection most men only dream of. I was, and still am blissfully one with God, living off His Glorious Grace, divining from His Omniscience, delighting in the perfection He gave all of us.

But it was getting boring also.

So as I twiddled my thumbs, I wondered what to do with the rest of my life on earth. And the advice of Omniscience to me was this:

"You now have before you all the stepping stones to get from here to wherever you want to go.

You also have the ability to go from one stepping stone to another perfectly, without falling. You even have the ability to bypass some stepping stones.

But how much fun would that be?

As you go from one stepping stone to another, allow yourself to slip and fall in the water once in awhile. When you fall, you get to play in the water! O what fun it is to get your bottom wet! When you're done playing, get up and go back to the stepping stone, or swim past several stepping stones if that's smarter."

So I did fall by conscious choice. It's like choosing to jump off a plane with God as your parachute. I also rose back up, higher than before. Wheeeeee! Failure is a trampoline!

When you remember that you are perfect, human failure becomes somewhat cartoonish. I get to laugh at myself when I fall on my butt. It's play! That's the difference between your internal dialogue and mine.

In your internal dialogue, failure is a stigma. In my internal dialogue, failure is a trampoline.

This is how I see failure now:

"Don't be afraid to fail BIG." - Denzel Washington

When you are perfect-which you are-you'll have to CONSCIOUSLY make mistakes once in awhile, to grow. So choose the failures that count. As long as God is your parachute, then failure becomes a game on the trampoline.

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