PART 2: Alchemy of Love

Click PLAY and allow the music to move you to Sacred Union as you read.

What do you feel when you hear erotic music? Your body, heart, mind and soul are immediately transported to the tantalizing world of love-making.

  1. You start to feel self-conscious, intimidated, fearful of rejection, unworthy-but all of that washes away in the excitement and anticipation of UNION.

  2. You decide to go for UNION no matter what. You give yourself permission to let go and forget all your struggles with self-consciousness and self-worth. You are smitten, and the only thing you can think of is to SURRENDER to UNION. Like a moth to a flame.

  3. After the UNION, there is nothing but BLISS OF UNION. You have been healed, Restored to Oneness by DIVINE LOVE BLISS*. This is the Alchemy of Love Divine.

#1, #2 and #3 are how you can feel towards God. It is not limited to the bedroom. It can be expressed among your fellow brothers and sisters as CREATIVE energy, which will then bring us all closer to PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN.

In the highest realms of God-consciousness, where DIVINE LOVE BLISS* resides, you will discover that #1, #2 and #3 are exactly how God feels about YOU.

I used Tantric Sex music to highlight God's understanding of SURRENDER.

Most people think of surrender as "giving up something" or "sacrificing something" or "letting go of something" in order to gain something else. Hence, when the Catholic Church asks its followers to "Surrender to God's Will," the Catholics shake in their pants because they think they have to give up their own free will. In the context of love-making, "surrender" takes on a wholly different meaning.

What God is asking for is not a giving up of free will, not a surrendering to defeat, but a surrender to Sacred Union. What I convey here is a Big-T Truth, as natural as the sun. There's no malice in my words, no impurity of intent, no superficiality of meaning.

The force of Sacred Union is so powerful that it can birth new galaxies and universes. That same force causes planets to spin around the sun. That same force is the glue of All Creation. That same force is in a grain of sand, and packed inside the nucleus of every atom. That same force also bonds your DNA strands. If you know how to internally generate "that same force" and wield it according to Divine Will, you will make Superman look like a carnival act. I am not suggesting you watch X-rated movies to create Sacred Union. The powerful force of Sacred Union is not created that way.

Neither am I suggesting you create unwanted pregnancies.

What I am suggesting here is that you can learn to generate "that same force" of SACRED UNION OF YOUR POLARITIES to create PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN.

* Attaining Divine Love Bliss is a long and arduous process for most people, and few ever achieve it. But there is a shortcut-and it is 100% safe because it is being provided by Divine Grace. To get private access to this special dispensation, it starts with . . .

This information is being provided as a free service in support of the mission for PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN. For more free content, please visit or subscribe now.

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