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Kundalini: Fire of Sacred Union, PART 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Q: So if a person inhibits that sensual, sexual energy (Kundalini), will it be harder to have union?

A: When my Kundalini fire first awoke in the late 1990's, it was driving me insane. Everyday, I was fighting the irresistible urge to oscillate between angrily erupting like a volcano, or having sex with 150 men for breakfast, 150 men for lunch, 150 men for dinner, and 150 men for dessert. Everyday, I was living life in a self-imposed straight jacket. It was maddening. I wanted out. I tried to stop or inhibit the Kundalini, but that only made things worse. And there was no one who knew how to help me. I was miserable.


He was a Kundalini Master. I call him a Kundalini Master because he had been through 30+ years of the roughest, toughest Kundalini trials. Thankfully, he was willing to help me. He did not stop or inhibit my Kundalini as I requested. Instead, he removed the blocks along the Kundalini's path. And then the insanity stopped.

By 2001, Ramon and I were living together. We watched our Kundalini evolve to its fullest fruition until it blossomed into a permanent Antahkarana--a direct "cable-connection" to God. A white Lily flower simultaneously appeared in our subtle energy fields.


Everyone is connected to God. Ordinary humans connect to God through prayer, or reading the Bible, or meditation, or vegan diet, or the sacrament of matrimony, or tantric sex, or whatever. There is a plethora of tools-to-connect out there in the market. These are all antenna-like connections to Union with God.

The Kundalini+Antahkarana is the hard-wired, HDTV cable-connection to Union with God. At the moment, HDTV cable is the best analogy I can think of to describe this to you, but be aware that the map (analogy) is not the territory (the complete story).

Since the Kundalini+Antahkarana is purposed for Union with God, if you suppress or inhibit the sensual, sexually CREATIVE Kundalini fire, you are inhibiting your journey to consummate Union with God.

Once your Kundalini and Antahkarana are safely activated in a Lily Activation* for a lifetime of trouble-free performance (translation: so that you don't have to fornicate 600 people per day, and your volcano is tamed by Divine Peace of Immortals, you are left with these choices:

  1. Inhibit, resist, suppress and, thus, slow down your evolutionary process towards consummate Union with God -- equivalent to making things harder on yourself.

  2. Allow your evolutionary process to flow towards consummate Union with God -- equivalent to making things easier on yourself.

  3. Speed up your evolutionary process towards consummate Union with God -- this is a double-edged sword so it's equivalent to making things simultaneously easier AND harder on you, but it provides the necessary challenges that aspiring champions thrive on.

With rare exception, the one thing Lilies CAN'T do is change the destination for it is already hard-wired in Lilies.

All these Oneness Restoration teachings you hear from me are just attempts to make Lilies CONSCIOUS of the Journey through Union already progressing inside them, so that they can channel an "altitude of gratitude" towards our Maker rather than resist consummate Union with Him, The All.

So to answer the question briefly, you can't consummate a union/marriage if you persist in keeping the P _ _ _ S out of the V _ _ _ _ _A. That is Separation, is it not?

"Consummate Union" in this context means CREATION.

When a Lily chooses not to consummate the Union, that is tantamount to saying, "I will NOT create Peace and One Brotherhood of Man. I will NOT be the Christ Consciousness. I will NOT restore to Oneness and be a light unto nations. I will NOT surrender to the Will of God. I will NOT be One with God." If that is your voice, then the only other polarity available to you is a pact with the Devil/Separation from God. I wish you Good Luck in your chosen endeavor. You will need it.

But there's a better way.

Drop the struggle. Prepare for a honeymoon. Open your legs wide. Inhale. Exhale. Let God/Christ in.

* The wonderful thing about this God-given Lily Activation is that it's a DFY (Done-For-You) activation, not a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) webinar or e-book. Kundalini is just an intermediate step in the human evolutionary process, but an indispensable one. Anyone who chooses to evolve cannot escape it and, without a Lily Activation, the Kundalini experience would be a life-long, painful, arduous process.

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