How I Landed High-Paying Jobs Despite a "Black Mark" in My Resume

My SECRET that made New York companies compete to hire me, and made me one of the highest paid computer consultants in Florida:

Granting you are highly qualified in your field, when you go to a job interview, do not perform with the intent of landing a job. Huh? Could you repeat that again?

Do not perform with the intent of landing a job. Hundreds of other applicants are vying for the same job, so thinking as they do does not make you stand out and get noticed.

Instead, commit to the intent of getting a salary that is one of the highest, if not THE highest, in your industry. That way, you'll come across as an expert or authority in your field.

(It goes without saying that you must be an expert or authority in your field, otherwise, executives looking to hire great talent will see through your pretense).

Job interviews became a game for me. I enjoyed the game because it was win-win. I would use each job interview to hone my interview skills. I took for granted that I would land a job but that wasn't enough challenge for me. I wanted to see if I could land the highest paying job as a computer systems analyst in Miami, Florida. I did. It took a lot of preparation on my part, but so does winning an Olympic gold medal.

In job-hunting, have the right intent because ...


Someone asked me, "What preparation did you do for your interviews?"

I learned this from working with many head hunters: 50% of the hiring decision is based on your technical knowledge required for the job. The other 50% is HOW YOU LOOK, how your vibe comes across. So I:

  • Reviewed the technical aspects of my field (computer systems analyst is a highly technical job).

  • Invested in business attire to look professional (required in the corporate world at that time).

  • Coming from a Filipino cultural background that values false humility, I had to junk that value and learn to toot my horn.

  • Improved my self-worth so I could exude "luxury-brand" confidence, sophistication, intelligence and educatedness. Target: look a cut above the rest.

  • I would write down the questions asked in each interview, go home and figure out better, smarter, more ingenious and powerful answers to the questions, then I would rehearse my delivery so that I could sound better, smarter, more ingenious and powerful.

  • I would apply for more jobs just so I could rehearse my interview skills. It was all a game for me. I wanted to master the job interview, not land a new job. But inevitably I would get really high salary offers and go for the highest bidder.

I didn't come from a space of "I need a job." I came from a space of "I'm a luxury brand and I don't apologize for it. You must be able to afford me if you want to hire the best." (You can aim to be a non-luxury brand if you like. The point is to aim for a victory that you value, rather than aim to land a job because you need it). I didn't aim to please the executives who interviewed me. I wanted to excite them about hiring me. Not impress them. Excite them. At the end of each interview, I could feel the excitement of executives. It was palpable. They knew I was interviewing with other companies, so they would meet behind closed doors and deliberate on the "magic number" that would make them the highest bidder. Companies were bidding for me! OMG! I had so much fun playing the game! Especially because it was a win-win game!

That was in my 30's. Eventually, I learned that making lots of money does not make me happy. So I left the high-paying computer industry to pursue a deeper calling in the field of Spirituality, where I am now very, very happy. Even if I win the lottery tomorrow, I will not retire from my spiritual work because I love what I do. Ain't no greater wealth than the one I've found.

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