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Soul Mission-What Is It?

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” ― David R. Hawkins

That is very true. Now, replace "We change the world" with the words "Soul Mission" and you get:

Soul Mission is not defined by what we say or do, but as a consequence of who and what we have become.

That is also very true. That's what I learned after years of training with the Christ Office for my soul mission.

If you are going about your soul mission trying to DO things, or accomplish tasks, or achieve goals, then you're not in "active mission" yet. You're just in the "research and training" phase. The "research and training" phase is a "journey of a thousand steps." It takes about 40 to 50 years on the average, from the day you were born.

Most people associate soul mission with some kind of "special performance," e.g., performance of tasks, duties, obligations accompanied by stereotypical behavior. A nation's president is expected to behave and perform a certain way. A medical doctor is expected to behave and perform a certain way. A spiritual guru is expected to behave and perform a certain way. But that is just a very limited definition of "Life Mission" or "Soul Mission." It is the definition of a dualistic mind that seeks value or meaning outside itself, and seeks other minds to validate itself.

Mission is not PERFORMANCE. Mission is BEING.

Performance is CEREMONY. Mission BEING is not.

Let's use an example. Let's say your soul mission is to be an Ambassador of Oneness. Let's be clear about this-the real mission is BEING ONENESS, not upholding the title of "Ambassador." An ambassador is simply the EMBODIMENT of Oneness, beyond ceremony or the titular performance of his obligations.

Until you ARE your mission, you are a TRAINEE of it. You're still under training to become your mission.

Let's take Lilies for example whose mission is PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN.

Until you ARE Peace and Oneness combined, you are not an Ambassador of PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN. So, in order to create ambassadors of PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN, the Christ Office had to first transform Lilies into Christ's Peace, Christ's Oneness, and that was accomplished in their Christ Consciousness Activation. Not only are Lilies innately Christ's Peace and Oneness, they are contagions of it. Their mere presence in a room brings peace and unity where there are pockets of discordance. That phenomenon is a product of their BEING Christ's Peace and Oneness-without proselytizing, without actively doing anything other than being effortless PRESENCE. That's an example of BEING the mission, not training for it.

To which some might argue, "If it is so, that Lilies are innately Christ's Peace, Christ's Oneness, then why aren't they acting like ambassadors of PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN or ambassadors of Christ?" It is not within the job description of this author to appraise another Lily's performance. That's a job for the Christ Office, and the Christ Office does conduct round-the-clock performance appraisals. But I can venture a guess ... if certain Lilies are not acting like ambassadors representing the Christ Office, there can be several reasons for that: (1) they forgot they're "on duty," (2) they're on their day off, (3) they're AWOL (Absence Without Leave), (4) they're not conscious that they are ambassadors because they still consider themselves "trainees," or (5) they're undercover "peace agents" on a special counter-intelligence mission for the Christ Office to infiltrate the "communist party" (which isn't a bad thing if the Christ Office is working to reach a peace accord with the communists). Whatever the reason, their imperfect behavior does not diminish their valuable service as peace emissaries in God's Creation. To serve Creation, their PRESENCE is enough. Anything on top of that is "cherry on top"-a welcome flourish to cap off an ice cream sundae.

The same argument can be made for President Trump or President Duterte or President Vladimir Putin. Their PRESENCE in global politics is serving God's Creation, in the very least, because they ARE their soul mission, and they must be allowed to fulfill their soul destiny, just as you must be allowed to fulfill yours. If you're having difficulty wrapping your head around that, then may I suggest you read my article on Oneness and try out a simple "Oneness Restoration" technique to help you connect the dots: seek the possibilities of union even when there seems to be none.

"So what is my soul mission?" is a question many, many people ask.

Your specific soul mission is contained in the deepest meaning of your FIRST NAME. The superficial meaning of your first name can give clues. There are many websites like Baby Names and the Meaning of Names where you can look up the superficial meaning of your name. For example, my first name is "Katherine." The superficial meaning of my name is "purity." Hence, "purity" is my soul mission in the general sense, from a macro perspective. To find my soul-specific mission (unique to me), I would have to dig up the deeper meaning of my first name. However, the "how to" of that is beyond the scope of this article.

So, whenever I AM Purity, I AM accomplishing my soul mission. According to this definition of soul mission, you can see that soul mission is not something difficult to attain, or something to perform ceremoniously, but something you were already born with. Just BE THE NAME.

You were already born with all you need to BE THE NAME.

When you face Our Maker come Judgement Day, God will not ask you, "Why weren't you Jesus?" or "Why weren't you Buddha?" or "Why weren't you Krishna?" Instead, God will ask you, "Were you [your first name]?"

Hence, Know Thyself so you can BE THE NAME-because that is how you are destined to Make A Name for Yourself.


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