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Second Coming "Satsang"

The satsang started with a meditation that turned out to be a 3-step lesson on how to share the Christ with others in your personal world and the world at large, without evangelizing, while preserving the free will of others. In principle, it was a lesson on "How To Be the Christ Flame that Attracts Moths." It was also a lesson on how to connect with others SAFELY without getting "their stuff," or giving them "your stuff."

Many in the group experienced a new way of being … with Christ; also a SAFE way of spreading the Christ in daily life without convincing or persuading others. We struggled to put it into words. For some, the experience was familiar and yet new. For others, the experience was entirely new. Here are some of the comments shared after the meditation:

On how it feels to have dissonant people inside you when the Christ is your essence and, in effect, your go-between:

“Yes, it feels safe."

“I feel peaceful and complete.”

On what they experienced or how they were feeling:

"So very refreshed indeed."

“HB is speechless.”

"I felt Francis.”

“I almost cried several times!”

(Others just plain CRIED)

"Before Kim said we'll be bathed in light, I saw the pillar coming down in an inverted apple shape with me inside; meaning it was like a full shower w/c Kim soon after described as a shower of light… And before Kim said the blessings can be freely shared, there was a sense that unseen beings in the room (where I was sitting) wanted to experience the satsang. And so they (unseen beings) were able to partake."

Lessons learned:

"I was shown how to be Christ in my current situation. Very real, very practical... ♡ I was deliberating how to share my wisdom with someone I love. During the the meditation, I saw how I am that person. And I remembered my own realizations when I am in a similar situation he is in. I saw how I can be a Christ presence with him. Thank you Kim :)"

"Christ taught me not to forget my physical body- meaning to learn to be practical in everyday situations thru Christ's Love."

"It is a very intimate experience of meditation. I feel embodied and started to feel my whole body. I have debris of physical pain and the message I received is to let go and release all self-limiting beliefs in my physical body and allow Christ to take over … Definitely, Kim. I'm ready to practice and experiment :)"

“It gives me a huge reminder on how important it is to love ourselves fully, from the inside and out, because it is an instrument of spreading love."

- - -

Note that their comments are just the tip of the iceberg (you had to be there to understand). The real message of Christ is in their silence, which can be transmitted to the world instead of spoken.

See you in the next satsang.

P.S. Btw, the method taught by the Christ in this satsang is the very same method I use to influence and transform everyone and everything around me-without sweat, without labor, even without saying a word-which others mistook to be "my charisma" (it's what God taught me many years back). Now that you know the secret to real charisma, GO SPREAD ONE LOVE.


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