The Chosen Ones

Let us turn to the renowned Edgar Cayce for a definition of Chosen People:

“… ye too find thyselves chosen. Have ye chosen Him? For as was given, 'If ye will by my people, I will by thy God' (Edgar Cayce 3976-21)

"… as a chosen peoples, as a people with a definite mission, a definite purpose, called of the Divine to establish the NAME in a given place, a given purpose…" (Edgar Cayce 454-2)

The Chosen People are those who meet both these criteria:

  1. They have willingly chosen to perform a definite mission, a definite purpose for God.

  2. They were chosen by God to perform a definite mission, a definite purpose in His name.

If you balk at the label, "Chosen One," may I remind you that your ego may not allow you to be a "Chosen One" because of all the unfavorable connotations around that label you've been taught. But there is one connotation you probably were not taught, a nuance that can make all the difference. To borrow a line from the movie, "Matrix," wherein the Oracle tells Neo:

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Being the [Chosen] One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you're in love, you just know it."


If you deny being "Chosen," remember what you are also denying-the LOVE.

Lilies are among God's Chosen People, anointed by God to be so*. As the Chosen, they are commissioned by God for a definite mission and a definite purpose:


PURPOSE: Restore the Chosen Ones to Oneness and Be a Light Unto Nations

* To get access to the anointing of God's Chosen Ones, it starts with ...

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