Deep Dive Transformation

From Old to Gold in a Private One-on-one with Your Book of Life

He walked into my office with a walking cane. It was his first Deep Dive session with "the Masters." An hour and a half later, he walked out of my office dancing without a cane! Price of the session: $150. Results of the session: priceless.


In a Deep Dive session, your Book of Life is opened to reveal your soul's autobiography. Information in it's pages guide the Masters, Teachers and Lords (MTL) of the Akashic Records to help you move from "old" to "gold."

It'll seem like the Masters are just conversing with you, coaching you, mentoring you. Beneath the surface, they are working with your body, mind, heart and soul. They could be helping you unearth buried treasure; perhaps quelling an interior tsunami; or else orchestrating a tear-jerking reunion with your internal savior.


They can download information to you energetically while talking to you. Hours later, the energy downloads can surface as epiphanies, earth-shaking revelations, or transpersonal healing.


Whatever results you get will most likely be more than money can buy.


A Deep Dive session can be like many sessions rolled into one, thus, saving you considerable time, money, and heartache.

What is Akashic Records a.k.a. Book of Life?

"Months of therapy wouldn't even have come close to what I got from Kim and the Masters in just one session."

— Jessica Suarez, Miami, Florida, USA

Katherine "Kim" Lopa is a Certified

Akashic Consultant and Instructor with 15+ years experience.

The word "Akashic" is derived from Akasha, a word in Hindu cosmology that means "ether. Akasha is an ethereal fluid-like energy that pervades the entire universe, the primordial substance from which all things in the material world were created. Systems Theorist & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Ervin Laszlo, referred to it as the Akashic Field or A-field.

This Akashic energy field contains a recording of every soul's blueprint and autobiography. Stored within the Akashic Records is your Book of Life. Your Akashic Records is the ethereal recording of your soul's entire past, present, and ever-evolving future, which makes it an excellent source of guidance, clarification, and direction.

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Kim Lopa has always been my go-to for Akashic Readings. Choosing an Akashic Reader has always been an important selection as its such a personal experience. I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pin point the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from, and only asked a few and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking. They gave me the gift of self-discovery and clarity. I AM grateful. Thank you to the Akashic Lords, and to Kim Lopa for your loving service.  ▪︎ ToniAnn Hanna-Batista, FB Digital Consultant