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In a Lily Activation, God is the activating force, so you are transformed from a mere mortal molded by Earth into a luminous being deified by Heaven. Thereafter, your apotheosis begins to unfold, like a lily that "toils not," kissed by the sun's grace to grow and manifest your ultimate renaissance.

Lifetime ROI of an Activated Lily

After a Lily Activation, the "peace of immortals" is transfused into you by Source, 24x7. Life becomes easy-breezy, because distress is rare or short-lived.

After a Lily Activation, the new "You" unfolds, like a lily, from a mere mortal molded by Earth into a luminous being deified by Heaven

In a Lily Activation, your super-conscious mind is switched on for your immediate, full-time use.

After a Lily Activation, you possess mega-voltage potency for you are closer to Divine Source, like a hi-voltage power transformer that is closer to a power plant.

After a Lily Activation, you become energy-sensitive and can exhibit supernatural abilities rooted in divinity.

After a Lily Activation, you are able to manifest with astonishing speed, power, and ease.

After a Lily Activation, you will think you're just cruising, but others will see a Ferrari or Tesla speeding on the Autobahn.

This list can go on and on... yet none of that will matter as much as this:

After a Lily Activation, you will experience Source as a constant, intimate embrace-to remind you of  where you came from.

​Our testimonials illustrate real and actual results, but that is not a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. ​Individuals are unique so results vary. We offer no guaranties or warranties of any kind. 

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Peace of Immortals

What It's Like

What is the Peace of Immortals? It is not the kind of peace you get from years of yoga practice. Neither is it the kind of peace you get from having everything you want. It's the Peace of immortals like Buddha or Jesus Christ. It's a peace that defies understanding.

From the Creator, this peace is infused into a Lily 24x7x365 .


When you have immortal peace, distress is rare and short-lived, and life becomes easy-breezy.  

"I'm so much calmer now in the same situations with the exact same people that used to piss me off," remarked Kenz Desai, a Lily from North Carolina, USA.

"On being activated as a Lily, I experienced what I would call an unfathomable peace. It was like saying good bye to emotional bouts and roller coaster rides."  - Sandra G., Lawyer, Philippines

Lilies call it "unfathomable peace" because it seems to go on forever.​ There's a buoyancy to it. One Lily had this to say 2 years after her Lily Activation:  


"A friend recently commented on how much gentler I am now, after the Lily Activation, as compared to the very angry woman she met a few years back. It's a validation of how much divine peace the Lily Activation has brought into my life and is still bringing into my life. The Lily Activation afforded me more inner acceptance, hence, more peace with myself, even years after my initial activation. Thank you, God, for bringing The Lily and Beyond to the Philippines."  - Claudine Mangasing, Akashic Consultant and Instructor, Sattvah Wellness, Philippines

When innate peace occurs almost always, and distress is rare and short-lived, then life becomes easy-breezy. Everything just falls into place:

"It's great being a Lily. Everything falls into place. Life is easy."  - C. Serrano, Manila, Philippines


The divine peace of a Lily is infectious, and Lilies are contagions of it. Whenever a Lily, or Lilies, are present, the tension in the room dispels, and then things start falling into place nicely. 

A restaurateur and multi-awarded entrepreneur reported an unusual and unprecedented change in the behavior of her employees immediately after her Lily Activation. All her employees began collaborating peacefully with each other, without angst.  


The owner of a law firm reported a similar phenomenon after her Lily Activation. Not only where her legal staff interacting peacefully but so were her litigation lawyers!