Our Story

How the Lily Phenomenon Began

In 2001, Kim Lopa and Ramon Rodriguez came together in a union that would profoundly alter their lives. A few years into their partnership, The Lily and Beyond was born, like a baby they did not expect to have. 


One auspicious day in 2004, a white lily appeared in their energy fields. Puzzled, they asked their celestial master-teachers what was going on. The celestials explained that this etheric Lily came with certain powers and gifts, one of which was "to open the gates of the New Consciousness in each of the 7 chakras." This explanation perplexed them even more.


What they did not expect was the unfolding of something so new, so profound, so glorious, so elegant, so inexplicably vast, which the couple came to call, "The Lily and Beyond."  


In 2005, Providence arranged for Kim and Ramon to move away from the distractions of city life and live in the remote town of Sylvania, Georgia, USA. There they would be trained by ascended masters and celestial bodhisattvas for a planetary mission.


In 2006, Kim and Ramon were anointed by the Christ Office to perform Lily Activations on those who would share the vision-mission, the glory, the purity and the bounty that the Lily is blessed with.


They marched forward as a team until Ramon's passing in January 23, 2008. Although his death has not ceased their coupling. Kim continues to carry the torch on earth with Ramon assisting her from the Other Side.  

Authorized Lily Activators

Lily Activator and Co-founder

Kim continues to carry the torch where Ramon left off. She has performed thousands of Lily Activations since 2007. As co-founder of The Lily and Beyond, Kim birthed several spiritual innovations for the Age of Enlightenment a.k.a. Age of The Lily, namely: ➀  Lily Activations, ➁  Guanyin Healing, ➂  Isis Pyramid Healing, ➃  Psion Blessings, ➄  God-consciousness Healing, ➅  Akashic Keys, ➆  Evergreen Blossom. As goodwill ambassador of PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN, she makes use of her God-given aptitudes to assist others in the collective journey of return to Oneness. CLICK PHOTO for more.

Founder and Lily Activator Emeritus (Deceased)

He is the founding father of The Lily and Beyond. As the very first Lily Activator, he performed hundreds of Lily Activations and worked tirelessly for the Mission of The Lily and Beyond until his passing in 2008. 


Ramon is remembered by his friends and peers for his gentle hands, and his willingness to help others to the depths, and his deeply loving, compassionate heart. Even beyond the grave, he continues to help Lilies


Ramon is responsible for starting a garden of Lilies and a treasure chest of Diamonds for our Creator whose spiritual fellowship numbers by the thousands today.  CLICK PHOTO for more.

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