White Lily Activation Suite

8 turnkey activations in 1 sitting for speeds up to 4G


  1. Safe activation of a COMPLETELY EVOLVED Kundalini (an extremely rare phenomenon) for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.  (Circa 2005)  

  2. Activation of a permanent Antahkarana-the "express elevator" to the penthouse suite of Nirvana, and a direct-line "HDTV cable connection" to God.  (Circa 2005)  

  3. Activation of the 7x7 Oracle Pyramids switches on the ability to be an oracle through which divine knowledge is revealed. If we use the analogy of tall buildings to represent celestial academies of knowledge, then activation of the 7x7 Oracle Pyramids is what enables a truth-seeker to leap tall buildings.  (Circa 2005)

  4. Activation of a fully assembled, ready-to-go Merkabah vehicle. You don't ever have to re-assemble this vehicle with mantras and mudras, or pump it with gas.  (Circa 2005)

  5. Activation of the Caudate Nucleus, which is responsible for myriad extrasensory perceptions, supernatural abilities and higher consciousness in more evolved man.  (Circa 2006)  

  6. DNA Activation so you can move full speed ahead onto a bigger, better, higher, brighter version of you.  (Circa 2008)

  7. Christ Consciousness Activation for the internalization of the Christ Consciousness. Intended to aid the aspirant in attaining One Love and Universal Consciousness. Not intended for use in pursuit of power and vain glory.  (Circa Jan 2009)

  8. Divine Mercy conditionally relieves you of a small amount of karmic obligations, thereby freeing you to pay back your karmic debt through compassionate service rather than through painful catalysts.

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Choose Your Pill

  1. Time-release or

  2. Full Release, Full Integration


In the TIME-RELEASE option, the White Lily powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you over time, proportionate to your level of preparation and personal development.


In FULL INTEGRATION, the White Lily powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you all at once, in lump sum-lock, stock and barrel.


If you know yourself to be a "safe driver" even at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full Release, Full Integration.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.  


Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for, so please choose responsibly. Let your Higher Self do the choosing.

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