Your Questions, Our Answers 


How does the Lily Activation differ from other energy modalities like Theta Healing or Reiki?

Unlike other energy healing modalities, the Lily Activation is an ascension process, where God is the activating force and apotheosis is the result. The Lily Activation provides a direct beeline to Source that did not exist previously. His direct, "fiber optic cable connection" to Source is compatible with any modality or activity that is concordant with God. In many cases, Lilies have discovered new-found healing abilities after their Lily Activation. Those who were practicing energy healing modalities before their Lily Activation discovered they need to adjust their healing techniques or protocols to accommodate their increased speed and wattage.  Some have discovered that they can do away with techniques altogether after a Lily Activation.


Isn't everyone connected to the Creator?

Yes, a person is connected to Source directly or indirectly.  Majority of naturally-evolved humans are plugged into Source indirectly, much like a household appliance that is connected indirectly to the main power plant via a 110-220v AC socket-sometimes they are plugged in, and sometimes they are not. Rarely do you find a naturally-evolved human who is "cable-connected" directly to Source.  On the other hand, a Lily is one who is directly "cable-connected" to source by virtue of a Lily Activation. He becomes like a high-voltage transformer that is closer to the main power plant. He carries megawatts of divine power, magnetism and light. The uninterrupted, "fiber connection" of a Lily enables him to access gigabytes of cosmic and celestial information with fiber optic speed. Comparatively speaking, the homo sapien connection to Source is like a copper-wire, which is useful for slower, intermittent, "dial-up" communications.


How do you use The Lily?

That's like asking, "How do I use my direct connection to God?" 

For the best outcome, we highly recommend you follow a Lily Activation with a life of Oneness, self-reunification, and compassionate service to The All, rather than power-seeking or self-aggrandizement, so that you will love who you become.

The path of Oneness leads to realization of your inner alchemist-that is, your miraculous inner messiah who is the humblest servant of all, and who, like the sun, can light up a dark world in a way that 7 billion human light bulbs cannot do.


What to expect after a Lily Activation?

After a Lily Activation, you might discern a Holy Presence emerging inside you, a supreme, inner Guiding Force capable of illumined direction (which may at times go contrary to the designs of your ego-personality!)  If you meet "It" with love, you might even feel "It's" divine embrace. Welcome to the new "You." Although you may think you've been cruising along leisurely, others may notice you evolving by leaps and bounds, like a Ferrari on the Autobahn. They might say there's something new and different about you, although they can't quite put a finger on it (perhaps it's that regal inner peace that defies understanding). They might remark about your new, youthful "glow" (they're not aware that you've been transformed from homo sapien to Homo Deus Luminous).  More people may swarm to you like moths to a flame. Purification and detoxification are other common aftermaths. 

A newly activated Lily may experience an incubation period where not much seems to be happening in the way of supernatural phenomena, other than a constant feeling of peace and inner calm. The inner peace is simply masking a deep metamorphosis, a subliminal re-organization of the psyche that is infused by The Infinite. The incubation period is unique to the individual and may last anywhere from 1 day to 9 months (the average being approximately 3-4 months). Once the incubation period expires, the Lily begins to live like a Lamborghini on the Autobahn.


Does it matter what religion or spiritual doctrine I believes in?

To be eligible for a Lily Activation, it does not matter which religion, spiritual doctrine or faith you belong to. The Lily Activation is for people of any religious faith or spiritual persuasion. The Lily Activation is non-ecumenical, non-denominational, and non-sectarian. 


Does it matter what stage of spiritual evolution a person is in?

No. It does not matter whether you consider yourself a business tycoon or mystic, a master or beginner, educated or uneducated, spiritual or un-spiritual, monotheist or polytheist (or atheist). A Lily Activation benefits all levels of spiritual evolution and karmic stations.  Even God-realized humans have benefited from a Lily Activation.  Those far along the spiritual path discover that spiritual plateaus disappear after a Lily Activation, and they can now handle breakneck acceleration and expansion of consciousness with ease and safety.  On the other end of the spectrum, those who place themselves in the lower levels of spiritual awareness have benefited as well from the Lily Activation. They are grateful that they are growing up exponentially, continually rising to higher and higher ground with ease and safety.


What are the requirements in order to receive a Lily Activation?

To know the requirements, click here to pre-qualify.  Pre-qualification is free.


Can children receive a Lily Activation?

Yes, children below 18 years of age may receive "seed activations." A minor must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian who is responsible for the child's welfare, therefore, adult, parent or guardian must also be eligible to receive a Lily Activation.


A child who undergoes "seed activation" will receive everything in the White Lily Activation EXCEPT the Christ Consciousness Activation. Contact a Lily Activator for details.


How many times do I need to receive a Lily Activation?

That depends on how high up the ladder of ascension and spiritual consciousness you want to go.

The Lily Activation offers several levels of consciousness, ascension and light quotient: White, Gold, Platinum, Iridescent, and Diamond. After you take a particular level of Lily Activation, you do not need to repeat it. For example, if you receive a Gold Lily Activation, you do not need to repeat it a second time.


Given the chance, however, many Lilies have chosen to repeat a Lily Activation workshop for the extra benefits and boost they receive from it. 50% or more of those who attend a Lily Activation workshop are repeat clientele.  We have observed that Lilies who do repeat activations evolve faster, hence, we happily accommodate them at the lower re-audit price.

If, after receiving a White, Gold, Platinum, or Iridescent Lily Activation, you wish to progress to the next level, you will most probably need a Diamond Lily Activation.