Evergreen Blossom Prayer

Your speed dial to Heaven for downloads and conversations with God
so you can reclaim paradise.

Through the power of Grace packed inside a secret prayer, anyone can now have 2-way conversations with God on speed dial.  We can teach you how.


"The Evergreen Intuition Tutorial took me soul deep... I felt God within my body and heart. IT minced no words. The words were at once cutting and at the same time profoundly illuminating for my soul. I have never before experienced such flow of conversation with the Divine. I could almost write a book with the abundance of valuable material IT is giving me… so very beautiful and profound, complete in thought and wisdom, yet very grounded as to what I am to do."

▪ Monette M. Flores, Evergreen Blossom User

Conversations with God need not be complicated. 

Step 1:  Say the Evergreen Blossom Prayer.

Step 2:  Start conversing with God, Blessed Mother, and other divinities who may show up for the call.  Discuss business, politics, personal challenges, etc.  Converse about anything, anywhere, anytime, not just when it's convenient, urgent, or critical.

Step 3:  Write it down.

Essential ingredients for Step 1-2-3 to work:  INTEGRITY + Evergreen Blossom Prayer.

(By  Integrity  we mean "Pure Heart, Pure Mind, Pure Intent").

Evergreen Blossom Prayer is what speed-dials Heaven so you can:


  • Turn cloudy days into blue skies.

  • Get relief from depression, sadness, grief, anxiety, and restore peace, love, balance, and smiles.

  • Collaborate with divinities, like Blessed Mother and Source, to build a brighter future on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

Evergreen Blossom Prayer is about an evergreen love so pure, lasting, and true.


In the context of the Creator's love, "evergreen" means love always fresh and new, as it was in the beginning, without end.  "Blossom" means a mass of flowers in bloom-symbolic of fertility, prosperity, and flourishing, undying love.

Evergreen Blossom Prayer is like Cupid's arrow.  It makes the Creator's embrace perennially felt, constant, reassuring . . . so that you may flourish as God's evergreen blossom and thrive under His care.

Evergreen Blossom Prayer enables live stream conversations with Source, because communication is important in love. 

So how would you use the Evergreen Blossom Prayer?  May we suggest using it for communication between 2 lovers-one who is in Heaven (Source), the other on Earth (you).  Discover where you both can meet in the middle.

What's inside EBP Full Power Activation + Intuition Tutorial:

  • How to use the Evergreen Blossom Prayer in Full Power Mode correctly and safely for results you'll love.

  • 3 video tutorials and 5 practice exercises that have you working with celestials to draw out and refine your Soul Purpose.

  • PLUS a sacred EBP activation that turns on Full Power Mode for Full Power benefits.

  • Drip-feed learning system guides you to complete all lessons in order, at your convenient time and pace, in as little as 8 hours (distributed across 8 days).


EBP Full Power Activation puts the Evergreen Blossom Prayer in your pocket so you can:

  • Shift negative emotions (e.g., stress, depression, anxiety) to love, peace and balance.

  • Get intelligent guidance from your Higher Self, Creator, saints, ascended masters, etc.

  • Boost your intuition and enhance your Clair Senses to help you elude risks to life, limb, and property.


Try our FREE LOVE sample and see if it works for you

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EBP Full Power Activation + Intuition Tutorial

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Try Before You Buy

We don't want you to risk buying something that doesn't work for you.  So take EBP for a test drive first.


If your experience in the Free Trial has been positive, then you're welcome to go for EBP Full Power Activation + Intuition Tutorial.


We hope you're looking for value way beyond what money can buy, backed by purity and 100% integrity.  If so, our offers will not disappoint. 


To Your Enlightenment,

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Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Evergreen Blossom Trustee

Heaven on speed-dial?

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Priscilla Wheeler

Life Balance Specialist


Rated Her Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Divinely Life Changing


I was guided to listen to the Evergreen Blossom Free Trial... and then followed that up with the Basic Intuition Tutorial. The Evergreen Blossom Prayer has been and is transformative. 


Last night, after saying the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, Blessed Mother Mary sat on my left side, caressed my hand, and... I could feel this indescribable love from the Blessed Mother. 


She said, ”I will sit with you as you have sat with our dearly beloved Creator in Heaven many times. You are not ever alone, Heaven is here and now. We are here to support you on this journey to The Oneness of God’s Love, Heaven On Earth. As difficult as it may be to believe, your prayers of healing and rebirth are being answered.” 


When I asked further clarification, I was shown a phoenix. I was provided a little homework and things to do as I continue to heal. I’m feeling and seeing the progress on all levels of consciousness, down to the physical body. 


Creator/Divinity, along with having a solid foundation in the basics, were the missing elements for COMPLETE Oneness Restoration. I am... excited to get up and LIVE. Little by little changes are happening, improving, and No Words can describe the Love and Gratitude that I feel!

Y. L.


Rated Her Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Divinely Life Changing

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Basic Intuition Tutorial projected me to a level where my communication with God became instantaneous. Whatever I think I want to ask, God answers-even in times I have not yet said the Prayer. FANTASTIC! Also being able to contact the Ascended Masters who are my guides, through the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, has provided me the most incredible way to have personal conversations with the Heavens, Creation and the Universe. I feel very blessed that Virgin Mary, who has been at my side since I was a baby, has come to offer this magnificent connection to the Cosmos for healing and guidance. She has provided the means so that we can all progress and truly move on in our journeys, to help as Divine Instruments at this moment in human time when Mother Earth is crying from its core for help to change the negativity that man has created. Thank you... for showing us the bounty we can receive if we follow our hearts.

Raquel C.


Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Basic Intuition Tutorial have significantly made a difference in my week-from feeling anxious, scared, afraid and angry last week to having more inner spaciousness and calm to be able to be in a neutral space, and be able to give and share more of myself with others.

I’ve had many breakthroughs! The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is subtle and potent at the same time... like I have an extra voice in my consciousness that allows me to come from a Space of Love and neutrality. Its awesome! Thank you, Blessed Mother, for the redeeming power of Love!