Evergreen Blossom

How do you get help on speed-dial?

There's a prayer for that.


Evergreen Blossom Prayer


It's a prayer from the Blessed Mother that turns on remarkable intuition so that you can have 2-way convos with divinities, the Creator, and your Higher Self-on speed-dial. And YOU FEEL THE LOVE. So now, even not-so-psychic people can enjoy live-stream conversations with celestial divinities and get help anytime, anywhere through the Evergreen Blossom Prayer.


On days when you feel sad, lonely, anxious or depressed, the Evergreen Blossom Prayer is an antidote of heavenly love and guidance. It's good for those days when you're mentally burdened or emotionally troubled. It's great for helping you clarify and fulfill your Soul Purpose.


So now you can engage Heaven for advice on just about anything under the sun and bring sunshine to your cloudy days within an atmosphere of the Creator's Love.

What Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs Had in Common


The Theory of Relativity "occurred to me by intuition," claimed Albert Einstein, who lauded intuition as the highest form of intelligence.


"Intuition is a very powerful thing. More powerful than intellect," said Steve Jobs.

What distinguished creative geniuses like Jobs and Einstein from the herd is that, while the herd underutilized or ignored their intuition, these two creative geniuses maximized it. They used their intuition for what it does best: deliver brilliant, breakthrough innovations for, and inspired by, their Soul Purpose.

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) is here to help so that you don't miss out on that remarkable "6th sense" that Steve Jobs and Einstein considered more game-changing than intellect.


So that you can contribute to a soul purpose-inspired life and career, a soul purpose-inspired environment, soul purpose-inspired cultures, soul purpose-inspired business models and systems, soul purpose-inspired commerce and industries, soul purpose-inspired educational systems, soul purpose-inspired governments, a soul purpose-inspired society. How's that for a better future?


Remarkable, Love-happy Intuition on Speed-dial


Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, "If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you." 


Here's the REALITY CHECK: most people are unable to access that kind of on-demand intuition to hear God, let alone consistently.


But the Evergreen Blossom Prayer + Evergreen Intuition Tutorial changes that.


If you could have a confidential prayer that automatically presses speed-dial for answers from loving, supreme beings, would you work smarter rather than harder to build the life you love? Less trial-and-error perhaps?


With the Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP), you can ask divinities like the Blessed Mother any question, and then access their divine intelligence for trouble-shooting, blues-busting, practical advice on any topic. They'll respond with continued guidance. Collaborate with them and you're on your way to brilliant, innovative, breakthrough achievements inspired by your Soul Purpose.


Unlike psychic readings which attempt to predict the future, with EBP divinities can counsel you on how to create your future. Because the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Now, this is not about imagining voices in your head, or listening to a seance. This is about collaborating with sacred divinities like the Blessed Mother about your present and future, in a field of hi-fidelity, sensurround intuition set up by the Creator for you-and you can feel, see, smell, taste or hear the Creator's love.


Rather than belabor the point, may we just show you?


Through the Evergreen Blossom Free Demo. That's how. It's our FREE LOVE sample.


The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is already working very well for our many EBP users. Click the Free Demo button and take it for a test-drive, then see for yourself what the Evergreen Blossom Prayer can do for you.


If you come from integrity, an open heart free of malice, and reverence for the sacred, then our FREE LOVE sample was made for you.


Remarkable, Love-mood Intuition on Speed-dial

So now you can say bye-bye to the blues and hello to conversations with God on just about any topic under the sun, using remarkable, love-mood intuition within an atmosphere of the Creator's Love.


Just as Jobs and Einstein used intuition to fulfill their soul purpose, we want the same for you. Hence, after the Free Demo, we'll open enrollment in EBP Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3 Full Power Mode so you can take your experience to the next level. While the Free Demo delivers a "Valentine date" experience with the Divine, EBP Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3 Full Power Mode delivers empowerments for Valentine encores with the Divine.

EBP Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3 puts the Evergreen Blossom Prayer in your pocket so you can:

  • Get intelligent guidance from your Higher Self, Creator, Ascended Masters, and celestial divinities.

  • Boost your intuition and enhance your Clair Senses to help you elude risks to life, limb, and property.

  • Move from depression and anxiety into Love.

What's inside the Evergreen Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3 Full Power Mode:

  • How to use the secret Evergreen Blossom Prayer, safely and with integrity, for results you'll love.

  • 6 modules, 3 video tutorials, and 5 practice exercises that have you working with celestials to draw out your Soul Purpose.

  • Drip-feed learning system guides you to complete all lessons at your convenient time and pace in as little as 8 hours (distributed across 8 days).

  • PLUS 3 ENERGY ACTIVATIONS to turn on Full Power Mode.

The activation empowerments secreted in the Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Evergreen Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3 Full Power Mode have a fail-safe, fail-secure mechanism that automatically shuts off power to protect against unauthorized use. So anyone who, for example, copies the videos or shares the prayer illegitimately, will discover that the Evergreen Blossom Prayer will NOT work for him/her, nor for anyone s/he tempts to commit unethical abuse.


The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is designed to be used with INTEGRITY. When used that way, it will serve you faithfully, for a lifetime.

You can 100% count on us taking care of your energy.

It's hard to believe until a miracle happens. Watch...

Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Evergreen Blossom Trustee




"The Evergreen Intuition Tutorial took me soul deep... I felt God within my body and heart. IT minced no words. The words were at once cutting and at the same time profoundly illuminating for my soul. I have never before experienced such flow of conversation with the Divine. I could almost write a book with the abundance of valuable material IT is giving me… so very beautiful and profound, complete in thought and wisdom, yet very grounded as to what I am to do." Monette M. Flores, Evergreen Blossom User

I would love to share the amazing results of the Evergreen Blossom Prayer with all of you. Just click on the Free Demo button to register. Special member access will be given to the email address you provide at registration. I look forward to welcoming you at the end of the rainbow.


Try our FREE LOVE sample and see if it works for you.

Then we'll make you a win-win offer:

EBP Intuition Tutorial 123 Full Power Mode

for EXTRAS money can't buy


Priscilla Wheeler

Life Balance Specialist


Rated Her Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Divinely Life Changing


I was guided to listen to the Evergreen Blossom Free Demo... and then followed that up with the EBP Intuition Tutorials. The Evergreen Blossom Prayer has been and is transformative. 


Last night, after saying the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, Blessed Mother Mary sat on my left side, caressed my hand, and... I could feel this indescribable love from the Blessed Mother. 


She said, ”I will sit with you as you have sat with our dearly beloved Creator in Heaven many times. You are not ever alone, Heaven is here and now. We are here to support you on this journey to The Oneness of God’s Love, Heaven On Earth. As difficult as it may be to believe, your prayers of healing and rebirth are being answered.” 


When I asked further clarification, I was shown a phoenix. I was provided a little homework and things to do as I continue to heal. I’m feeling and seeing the progress on all levels of consciousness, down to the physical body. 


Creator/Divinity, along with having a solid foundation in the basics, were the missing elements for COMPLETE Oneness Restoration. I am... excited to get up and LIVE. Little by little changes are happening, improving, and No Words can describe the Love and Gratitude that I feel!

Y. L.


Rated Her Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Divinely Life Changing

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Intuition Tutorials projected me to a level where my communication with God became instantaneous. Whatever I think I want to ask, God answers-even in times I have not yet said the Prayer. FANTASTIC! Also being able to contact the Ascended Masters who are my guides, through the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, has provided me the most incredible way to have personal conversations with the Heavens, Creation and the Universe. I feel very blessed that Virgin Mary, who has been at my side since I was a baby, has come to offer this magnificent connection to the Cosmos for healing and guidance. She has provided the means so that we can all progress and truly move on in our journeys, to help as Divine Instruments at this moment in human time when Mother Earth is crying from its core for help to change the negativity that man has created. Thank you... for showing us the bounty we can receive if we follow our hearts.

Suz Badiola

Mexican-Vegan Culinary Expert

in Philippines

Rated Her Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Substantial Transformative Impact

MY HEART IS OVERFLOWING WITH LOVE in a palpable way! I want to cry in public out of joy and acceptance for myself. UNBELIEVABLE feelings right now.


The Blessed Mother has given me instructions that's clear and easy for me to handle. I noticed, too, that I am not feeling depressed. I can't wait to see what else will unfold for me!

The EBP Intuition Tutorial has come to me when I was about to give up hope. Being in the abyss of darkness, there is now a sparkle of light-my light! There's finally a way out! Watch me now, I stand TALL.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Intuition Tutorials to ANYONE who is struggling with depression or uncertainty. Give a gift of LOVE to yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Raquel C.


Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Intuition Tutorials have significantly made a difference in my week-from feeling anxious, scared, afraid and angry last week to having more inner spaciousness and calm to be able to be in a neutral space, and be able to give and share more of myself with others.

I’ve had many breakthroughs! The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is subtle and potent at the same time... like I have an extra voice in my consciousness that allows me to come from a Space of Love and neutrality. Its awesome! Thank you, Blessed Mother, for the redeeming power of Love!

Intuition on speed-dial?

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