Build the Future on a Foundation of Soul Purpose

Spirit is the architect.
Soul Purpose is the blueprint.
Mind is the builder.
Heaven on Earth is the physical result.

Information does not transform, but soul purpose does. Information does not change behavior, but soul purpose does. Soul purpose creates more value generation for your business than information content. Seldom are soul purpose and wealth generation combined, hence, we feature Garrett Gunderson of Wealth Factory, the only financial expert we know who talks about wealth architecture on a foundation of soul purpose (Figure 2 & 3).

Figure 2


Building Wealth on a Foundation of Soul Purpose
Soul PurposeGarrett Gundersen
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Fig. 1: Garrett Gunderson on wealth generation and soul purpose.

Figure 3

The key to value generation, wealth, and building the life you love is Soul Purpose.  You are the brand ambassador on a mission and soul purpose is your "branding."  Soul purpose inspires productivity and fuels activity that can bring recurring income, cash flow, and sustainable business.  Best of all, when you build the future on a foundation of Soul Purpose,  Providence does the heavy-lifting.