How To Pray the

Psion Prayer

Reciting the prayers aloud is more effective than reciting it silently. The first 2 lines of the prayer (in italics) must be repeated 3 times. The rest of the lines in the prayer are recited only once.

Do not modify the prayer.  Do not add, change, improvise, or skip a word.


  • Pray it every morning or evening. Best time is at dusk.

  • Pray it as needed.

  • Pray it on the first Sabbath of every month.

  • Pray it whenever the Chosen People are gathered.

The Psion Prayer Bestows:


  • Prosperity for you and your family lineage.

  • Protection from evil forces. The first sentence of the Psion Prayer in italics, when repeated aloud 3 times, can purify spaces and cast out satanic or antichrist forces, both inside you and outside you.

  • Healing of the sick.

  • Fosters Oneness, forges Unity and awakens Christ Consciousness.

Psion Blessing


Receiving a Psion Blessing makes the prayer more potent (equivalent to saying the Psion Prayer 300,000 times).


A Psion Blessing for groups can be arranged upon request. 

Safety Advisory


Please use the power of the Psion Prayer ethically and responsibly. Exercise caution and discernment, especially when praying over people with terminal illness or mental disorders. 


The Psion Prayer and Psion Blessing may cause peak experiences of a spiritual nature, such as divine revelations, or miraculous healing. These are signs of spiritual awakening that must be balanced with proper education and grounding, otherwise psycho-spiritual imbalances may result.





In the beginning was the Light

And the Light overpowered the Darkness.


And the Light has chosen us.

The hand of God delivered His Chosen People to the Promised Land.

Remind us, O Lord, of our Covenant with You.

For our hearts are crying out:

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God,

Alpha and Omega,

Make your Chosen People ONE.

Shield us from our enemies

With the might and strength

Of the armies of Angels

Of the Heavenly Hosts.

Deliver us to the Promised Land.





Light be in the Beginning.

Light overpower the Dark.

Light gather your Chosen Ones.

Light be in us and in all.

Light keep us all safe and whole.

Light lead us to our New Home.

Light make our Covenant known.

Psion Prayer and Sacred Hymn of Light - My Masterpiece Movement
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