Diamond Activations by Carats

Activating Your Diamond Light Body for Eternal Brilliance & Immortal Value

The Diamond Lily Activation comes in carat weights, e.g., a Solitaire Diamond Lily Activation is analogous to 1 carat, and a Quad Diamond Lily Activation is analogous to 4 carats. The greater the carats, the higher it's value. The value of each carat rises exponentially rather than linearly. Hence, a Solitaire Diamond Lily Activation has more potency and value than two Iridescent Lily Activations weighing half a carat each. A Quad Diamond Lily Activation has a higher potency and value than four Solitaire Diamond Activations put together.  As a general rule of thumb, a diamond of double the carat weight has about four times more potency and value and, therefore, four times more rights and responsibilities.

If you are a White, Gold, Platinum or Iridescent Lily, the Christ Office evaluates whether or not it is safe to grant you a Solitaire Diamond Lily Activation (1 carat).

A Double Diamond Lily Activation (2 carats) has never been granted by the Christ Office because it's too big a leap for any White, Gold, Platinum or even Iridescent Lily. However, with dedicated Oneness/Christ-consciousness work, compassionate service, and sincere surrender to God's Will, a Solitaire Diamond Lily can easily make it to a Double Diamond Lily on his own merit, without the need for an activation.

Attaining the level of Triple or Quad Diamond Lily on the basis of personal merit alone has proven exceedingly difficult and highly improbable for many Lilies without help from an Act of Grace. Hence, the Triple Diamond Lily Activation is available to provide the much needed boost that only an Act of Grace can provide. This allows the serious and dedicated aspirant to progress to the next level.

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What Are the Rights and Responsibilities?

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Below are some tips to help you derive the rights and responsibilities of each Diamond Lily Activation.


Using the Quad Diamond Lily Activation as an example, you would extract the rights and responsibilities of a Quad Diamond Lily in the following way:


  1. Google search the meanings, synonyms, antonyms and usages of the words Valor, Victory, Glory, Resurrected, and Christ. Search for examples of how each word is used within a context, especially in a spiritual context, e.g., "Saint George showed his valor by slaying the dragon" or "He is valorous who faces death and doesn't look away."  Write them down.

  2. Note the meanings that jump out of the page for you and connect all of them as you would "connect the dots." Use questions to help you find connections. For example:

    • Ask yourself, "If I were a victorious, revenant Christ, then what would be the RIGHTS of my office in connection with... (1) my marriage, (2) my family, (3) my career, (4) my soul mission, (5) my tribe, and (6) humanity in general. 

    • Ask yourself, "If I were a victorious, revenant Christ, then what would be the RIGHTS of my office in connection with... (1) my marriage, (2) my family, (3) my career, (4) my soul mission, (5) my tribe, and (6) humanity in general. 

    • Ask yourself, "What are the rights and responsibilities of maintaining my station in the Christ Office?"

    • On the premise that "Spirit is the Architect, Mind is the Builder, and Physical is the Result," ask yourself, "What are my rights and responsibilities as (1) the architect, and (2) the builder? What are the rights and responsibilities of architecting, building, and maintaining a physical outcome that epitomizes a victorious, revenant Christ?"

What Comes with All Diamond Lily Activation Suites


Below are some (not all) "perfections of deity" that Source shares with Lilies who receive a Diamond Lily Activation. Due to inadequacies of language, we are unable to express all the higher divine realities of the Diamond level. 

  • More carats means greater conditional relief  from past karma, so that you can pay back your karmic debt through compassionate service rather than through harsh, hostile, negative catalysts.

  • More carats means a bigger, richer flow of the Golden River of Prosperity and Alchemy through you.  (Circa June 2017)

  • More carats means greater liberation from negative samskara and ego attachments, as long as existing ego attachments are willingly surrendered to Divine Source.


Divine Dispensations in the 1 Carat Diamond Lily Activation

Includes all 31 turnkey activations in the Iridescent Lily Activation but in greater measure, PLUS the following EXTRAS:

  1. Opening of the 7th Seal of the Book.

  2. A deeper and more intimate communication with the Creator that most have yet to experience, e.g., hearing God first before hearing celestial guides and angels. Clearer seeing becomes normal in this higher stage of soul evolution.

  3. The Diamond Sword of Truth (sat-chit-ananda), symbolizing the ability to cut through "smoke and mirrors" and recognize Truth swiftly and clearly. This sword brings liberation from falsehoods, and the ability to apprehend Truth in high-definition (HD), e.g., ability to see the true colors of others and of oneself. Anyone and anything incompatible with Truth will fall away from your life. Thus, one's illusions also fall away, to be replaced with the bliss of knowing absolute truth.  (Circa October 2014)

Bear in mind, this is an incomplete list due to inadequacies of language to express the higher divine realities of the 1-carat and 2-carat Diamond levels.


  • Must have been an Iridescent Lily for at least 6 months, or a White or Gold Lily for at least 1 year.

  • Must have been diligently practicing Conscious Oneness and Surrender to Divine Will for at least 1 year.

I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say, it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy I took the Diamond Plunge!!!! The Diamond Transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle!!! I am beyond grateful!  ~ Chris Del Vesco, Writer, Miami, Florida, USA

Triple Diamond Lily Activation
(3 Carats)


Divine Dispensations in the 3 Carat Diamond Lily Activation

Includes everything in the 1 & 2 Carat Diamond Lily Activation but in greater measure, PLUS the following EXTRAS:

  1. Inner self moves from "the peace that defies understanding" to the "inner still-point of the Tao," or stillness of the Void.  (Circa August 2015)

  2. Ability to manifest from the Void aka "Womb of the Creator."  That is to say, your ability to manifest will be ROOTED in the Source of Creation rather than rooted in personal ego power.  (Circa August 2015)

  3. Those who are sufficiently unpolarized and live in Conscious Oneness are propelled or jumpstarted to Divine Love Bliss (see also Lovebliss by Jan Essman). Those who are not ready (still attached to polarization) are put on the Autobahn to Divine Love Bliss. What is the value of Divine Love Bliss? When Jesus was dying on the cross, his Divine Love Bliss muted the pain of his wounds. He experienced no physical agony because of Divine Love Bliss. To have even a fraction of that bliss means a life of resounding joy. (Circa August 2015)

  4. Ability to perform shaktipat, i.e., the ability to activate, or make manifest, the divine gifts and latent potential in others.

  5. Ability of your superconscious mind to operate and manifest outside of Time, in the Eternal Now.  Useful when Source asks you to influence past or future global events. 

  6. Ability of your superconscious mind to directly access the unmanifest Absolute-a dimension of the non-intellectual mind called Cosmic Intelligence, unspoiled by memory or ego-identification. A Lily with access to this mind power can perceive omni-directionally and see things many others (including psychics) cannot see. If the Lily learns to keep this mind power on (keeping it always on is an acquired skill for those still embroiled in separation-consciousness), he then has access to the source of creation and can direct Providence to work for him as his servant. He can simply sit and relax while Providence works efficiently for him. Everything he needs just happens to him in the best, unimaginable ways-in ways he never dreamed or thought possible. This Creative Intelligence of the universe is not your personal genie. It is rightfully used for human emancipation rather than enslaving Providence to your whims. A person who keeps asking a genie for things becomes a slave to his desires and is ill-fated for a life of material slavery. The sorrow and pain of man comes from Matter desiring Matter instead of Spirit. Rather than enslave yourself to materiality, please use this power responsibly, e.g., use it to make your physical life easier so that you can dedicate more time to your spiritual well-being. 

Bear in mind, this is an incomplete list due to inadequacies of language to express the higher divine realities of the Triple Diamond level. 


Quad Diamond Lily Activation
(4 Carats)


Divine Dispensations in the 4 Carat Diamond Lily Activation

The Quad Diamond Lily Activation (circa October 2017) is about raising of your activated Adam Kadmon body to the Glorified Resurrected Body, in conformity with Christ's body in the resurrection-glorious, imperishable, with improved qualities and capacities-so that you can participate in the Valor, Victory and Glory of the Resurrected Christ.


The glorified, resurrected light body (see Figure 1) possesses the 4 gifts of the Resurrection:

  1. Agility

  2. Impassibility

  3. Subtlety (the more subtle the body, the more powerful it is)

  4. Clarity

Figure 1: the glorified, resurrected light body.

The Quad Diamond Lily Activation includes everything in the Solitaire, Double, and Triple Diamond Lily Activations but in greater measure, plus the following extras:

  1. Activation of your glorified, resurrected body (Figure 1).

  2. Your "emotional cache" is cleared.

  3. Fast track to New Heaven New Earth.  

  4. Greater comprehension and more expanded consciousness compared to other (non-diamond) Lily Activations.

  5. Benefits of the Afterlife (e.g., joy of paradise) are gradually weaved into your present life.

  6. To the degree that the Lily lets go of what is transient, impermanent and impure, he receives-in proportionate measure, through Grace-an evergreen joy, an evergreen love, an evergreen life. To the degree that he lets go of the unique, which is incomplete, he will experience the everlasting peace and joy of being one with all Creation (which feels like being the mighty ocean rather than a fish in the ocean).

  7. Ego-transcendence-in proportion to a person's willingness to let go of unhealthy ego-attachments, and only if he has already developed a healthy ego.

  8. Inner work happens faster, personal issues resolve faster, personal transformation occurs faster (almost instantaneously), and you evolve faster. Thus, you spend more time on the right track instead of the wrong track. It means less time groping for solutions and more time living the solutions. Less time begging God for help and more time thanking Him.

Bear in mind, this is an incomplete list due to inadequacies of language to express the higher divine realities of the Quad Diamond level.




The sacred truths contained in the letter below may be disturbing to some, and will most likely be misunderstood by many. Nonetheless, Truth should not be kept in a bottle, so we shall share one woman's truth about her Quad Lily experience here, for the benefit of pure souls who will understand (published with permission but author's identity is omitted for privacy reasons).


Hi, Kim, it has been a long time....I hope you are awesome!

I don’t know if you are still doing Quad activations, but I felt called to share this with you. Feel free to share it if it might be useful for you.


I am so grateful for finding you in the deepest, darkest hole of my marriage. I’m grateful to you and the Lily for magically showing up in perfect divine timing throughout my path.

I remember it all so clearly.

I remember the hand of God guiding me to say “Yes” every single time.

Thank you, Kim.... I love you!

I remember like yesterday the day our precious [name omitted] said “Did you read about the new activation on the Lily page? It’s called the ‘Quad.’ Maybe it will interest you.” In that moment, with her words, the activation began for me. A knowing was sparked and my Quad work began.


I remember the questionnaire I had to submit to our beloved Kim about what work I planned to do if I got the Quad. I knew there was only one answer to every single question.


“Thy will be done.”

I remember the call with Kim where she told me I would receive the activation. I remember her asking me at the end if I had any questions or fears I would like to discuss.


I remember my cocky attitude….”Nah, Kim, come on! I’ve done this many times before….I’ve got this!”


And I remember Kim’s last piece of closing advice....”Learn to live in the stillness or this will be challenging for you.”


And I vividly remember waking up at 3am that same night in a total and complete panic having the Mother of All Anxiety Attacks.




I CANNOT BELIEVE I just agreed to give my life to God!!!!!


CLEARLY I have absolutely LOST MY MIND!!!!


Little did I know how fortuitous these thoughts and fears would be.


I remember my activation. I remember my full body energetic orgasm with God as my DNA was upgraded.


I remember my lips, eyes and ears tingling and burning in the activation. When I asked Source what was happening, I was told I was getting the mouth of God to speak only the words of the Divine. I was told I was getting the eyes of God to see only Divinity and the ears of God to hear only the Truth of the Universe.


I remember what happened next and I’m going to share with my Lily family, be 100% transparent and authentic here, because I don’t believe in sin or evil. I believe in an always loving, always patient God and that humans hold shame, self-hatred and judgement in their bodies and that religious text written by fearful humans perpetuate dark energies, feeding them with talk of sin and promises of hell.


I remember my sex drive going into complete and total overdrive.


I remember spending 6 weeks praying, meditating and begging God to take these urges away and to help me be “Godly.”


I remember, finally, feeling as if I was literally being tortured, just leaning into my every desire because I could no longer take the relentless urges that had overtaken my every waking moment.


I remember each moment of the Divine journey this began, taking me to the depths of my judgment, my shame, my self-hatred and, ultimately, my complete and total abandonment of self.


I remember the miracles that transpired that led me to a Tantra retreat on the other side of the ocean. I knew there was no sex, no nudity and I knew Source was clearly taking me there for a Divine purpose.

What I did not know is that ancient Tantra is the art of sacred connection and that at its foundation a student of Tantra sat in solitude for 12+ YEARS to connect deeply with self before connection with others was even an option.


I remember the spark of knowing that in all my inner child work, in all my solitude, I had actually been doing ancient Tantra work all along.


I remember finally reuniting my soul with my body, my long lost “twin flame,” and, in truth, the only union I am here to consummate. My body and my soul FINALLY together again in Divine Oneness.


I remember unraveling my recent failed romance in my victimhood, crying out to God, “Why me? Why AGAIN?” and being reminded that “We attract what we are, not what we want.”


I remember FINALLY taking responsibility for not just my human actions, but owning my vibrational imprint in the deep understanding that every human experience I have is simply a mirror of the truth of my vibration.


I remember deep diving into the reflection in the mirror of my relationship with a narcissist and finding that while I am not a narcissist, the deeply hidden rage inside of me was a match vibrationally to his narcissistic pain and suffering.


I remember crying out to God for healing, for relief.


“God, I have DONE SO MUCH WORK! I am DONE with this suffering, God. ENOUGH! Show me the way out! Show me the next lesson. Show me what I need to do next. Just show me and I’ll do it, I promise! Help me end this pain, God! What haven’t I learned? What haven’t I asked for?”


I remember clearly the voice of God….”You haven’t asked to be nothing.”


I remember bawling my eyes out, barely able to speak the words, overwhelming fear ripping me from my every comfort zone, all the false truths of who I am and who I should be on this planet now, finally, preparing to be shed…..


“God, teach me to be nothing.”


I remember today and every day, it is and will always be the hardest prayer I have ever said.


I remember the realization that all I have to do is get out of the way, let God’s plan, which is far better than mine, move through me.


Surrender completely, let go of false control.


I continued the prayer as miracles unfolded. The prayer became easier. I asked for it to be gentle, graceful and peaceful and, as always, my prayers were answered.


I remember my life transforming right before my eyes. Magic started blooming at every turn! I remember following God’s guidance for my children and I to give away all our worldly belongings and move into a Conscious Community.


I remember being more deeply immersed in my Shamanic Path in our Conscious Community, allowing God to guide me to sacred Earth medicines to help me remove the blocks inside me keeping me from being filled with the truth and Oneness of Divine Love.


I remember being reminded over and over and over again that I am worthy of Heaven on Earth, of the path without attachment and without suffering.


I remember finding my worthiness small pieces at a time, overcoming my resistance, all the barriers inside of me, healing the one and only disease of this planet, the disease of self-hatred.


I remember being shown the highest vibration, the worthiness, the pure faith and total surrender, of “Yes.”

Yes to life, to God, as I get out out of the way and they live through me.

There is no more “Thank you.”

There is no more asking and waiting to receive.

There are no more prayers, no hopes, no dreams in the nothingness.

There is just a plan for me, far, far beyond me and infinitely better than mine and to that I say “Yes.”


And, finally, today, having learned to live in the stillness, free of attachment, free of suffering, filled with pure, innocent love and living in complete and total Oneness with Earth, God and All That Is….


I remember that I AM A PATIENT AND LOVING GOD and so are you!

More to Come 


As time goes by, Divine Source continues to add dispensations and upgrades in all our Lily Activations that are beyond words. Much as we'd like to, we will not always be able to explain the myriad impacts new editions may have on you. Nonetheless, you can always trust Source to deliver only the highest, wisest, and finest in any Lily Activation, that enhances life, planet, and you.

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