Brand Your Soul Purpose with Noelle Aquila
(for Millennials and Beyond)

If we can empower you to breathe life into the Soul Purpose you were born to express, would you work smarter rather than harder to manifest a rainbow future for all? If you answered a resounding, "Yes! Yes! Yes!," then you're the target audience of our FREE webinars, because you're worth the time, effort and money we invested into helping you out.


Come join us.

We believe you're a soul-powered voice, not a noise in your head. Katherine 'Kim' Lopa of The Lily and Beyond collaborated with branding expert, Noelle Aquila of Life & Soul Brands, to help position YOUR soul-powered voice in the marketplace.

We organized 3 live, FREE webinars with Millennials, Gen X'ers, and Baby Boomers in mind. This 3-part webinar series helps attendees start on the right foot by answering 3 essential questions of Soul Purpose branding:

How do I find out my Soul Purpose? 
How do I merge my Soul Purpose with business and work? 
How do I make a brand an expression of my Soul Purpose?

The answers are in these 3 FREE webinars:

Meet the Speaker


Noelle Aquila of Life & Soul Brands is a Brand & Communications Strategist for Change-Makers who want to live their Soul Purpose and connect to their audience. She's ready to help you move from confusion to clarity so your soul can make it's impact in the world.

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Now, if you could access the Supreme Intelligence that created our universe, would you be able to work smarter rather than harder to realize and fulfill your Soul Purpose?


If you could feel divine, unconditional love on most days if not always, would that make a huge difference in your life?


Then you're looking for the ability to tap into Divine Mind with speed-dial access for answers, inspiration, clarity and step-by-step guidance-within an atmosphere of the Creator's Unconditional Love.

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is the answer you're looking for.

How does this prayer differ from the others? Well, this prayer magnifies your intuition so that the Creator and heavenly beings can dialogue with you.


Rather than tell you how real this is, why don't I just show you? 

HOW: through an 
Evergreen Blossom Free Sample.

Experience the truth for yourself. Because from there, you've won.

You need to take your Soul Purpose journey one step at a time. So start with the Evergreen Blossom Free Sample.

After the Free Sample, you can choose to take the Evergreen Intuition Tutorial 1-2-3
to define or refine your soul-powered roadmap.

With your "Brand on Fire," you can be the Force of Nature you came here to be.

I'll see you at the end of the rainbow.

Katherine "Kim" Lopa


Evergreen Blossom Trustee, Evolution Architect,

Intuitive, Futurist, and Co-founder of The Lily & Beyond