About The Lily & Beyond

The Lily and Beyond is a protected energy system designed and created by Divine Source for the Apotheosis (or deification) of Man.


It is not a field of energy but a LIGHT PILLAR of "virtual technologies" originating from Source. Since it is incorporeal, we will use metaphors to describe and explain it.


When a truth-seeker is anointed by Source in a Lily Activation, his energy composition and etheric wiring are upgraded so that he can directly access the hi-speed services, apps and light pillar technologies of the Lily Cloud as a Lily-activated "wireless subscriber."


The Lily Cloud

A sophisticated component of The Lily and Beyond energy system is the "Lily Cloud"-a virtual infrastructure of networks, offices, personnel, services, and information repositories. It's energy insignia is a white lily flower, symbolizing purity. The key to access the Lily Cloud is PURE HEART, PURE MIND, PURE INTENT.

The Lily Cloud contains virtual meeting rooms and lecture halls. On the left side of the Lily Cloud is a virtual academy for the sciences. On the right side is a virtual academy for the arts. The undercarriage contains a hospital, and operating rooms where LILY CLOUD HEALING and non-physical surgeries can take place, performed by celestial master healers and surgeons.

Fig. 2: The Lily Cloud

The Lily Cloud was created for Lilies in 2008 by the concerted effort of a celestial host of deities, perfected masters, bodhisattvas, saints, angelic beings, etc., at the behest of Ascended Master Ramon Rodriguez. All Lilies have direct access to the Lily Cloud by virtue of their Lily Activation. Other than Lilies, only a minute number of God-realized humans can access the Lily Cloud because it is beyond the range of humanity's collective consciousness and psychic abilities. 


A few gifted psychics and remote viewers have tried getting "insider" information from the Lily Cloud but were unsuccessful. The Lily Cloud has multiple layers of firewall security. Anyone who violates protocols will find his access immediately revoked. After a few failed attempts, these psychics and remote viewers realized that if they want access to the Lily Cloud they must get a Lily Activation.

The Lily Cloud is similar to cloud-computing in that it stores information and application programs (called "Lily apps" for short). There are 2 kinds of Lily apps: resident apps and non-resident apps.

  • Resident apps are vitual programs that are deposited into Lilies permanently.

  • Non-resident apps are cloud-based services that are delivered to Lilies for limited-time use and eventually return to the Lily Cloud.

A function of the Lily Cloud is to deliver non-resident apps via live stream to "wireless subscribers" known as Lilies. An example of a non-resident app is the ability to perform miracles. Typically, a "miracle app" stays in the Lily Cloud. When a situation calls for a miracle and Heaven allows, then the "miracle app" is instantly downloaded to a Lily work station (Fig. 2), thereby, granting the Lily temporary ability to perform a miracle. After the miracle is dispensed, the "miracle app" automatically returns to the Lily Cloud.

The case of a Lily-activated doctor, who performed a life-saving miracle, illustrates the workings of a non-resident "miracle app." Click here for the full story.


The non-resident "miracle app" can become a permanent resident app, i.e., permanently residing in a Lily, once he has sufficient knowledge and mastery of Alchemy, and he has attained universal consciousness, spiritual maturity, sufficient soul wattage and Light Quotient. (Light Quotient is defined as the product of virtues over non-virtues).