Donation Options

Put the Prosperity Buddha Back Into the Exchange for a Prosperous Return

Prosperous Circulation is about putting your money where you want your thanks to go.  It triggers Providence to reward you with good fortune and a harvest of 333% ROI or more.  So for a better way to give, turn your donation into a Gratitude Donation for our Maker.

Ways to Seed Gratitude:

⓵ Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card

In the Note field, please enter a memo telling us what donation is for.

⓷ US$ Check by Mail

  • Step 1:  make US$ check payable to Katherine Lopa.

  • Step 2:  put check and your contact details inside an envelope. Include a memo stating what check is for.

  • Step 3:  mail to P.O. Box 1054, Carefree, Arizona 85377, USA.

Please make sure check is funded to avoid bounced check or else we will be forced to charge you a returned-check fee.

⓸ Philippine Bank

Step 1:  deposit Philippine Pesos (PHP) to this account at Union Bank of the Philippines :

Savings Account No. 1023-2002-0729 of Katherine J. Lopa

Step 2:  email photo of deposit slip to


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